Sarah and Ben tie the knot with crazy (amazing) weather and a pumped up reception!!
“Dan and I met our junior year of high school. He was new to town, and he’d show up to my house—three blocks away from his—under the pretense of needing my help getting somewhere. Eventually, he asked me to our junior prom, leaving little gifts—flowers, balloons, my favorite snacks—in each of my classes for the day, before eventually showing up to my final period with a bracelet that read “Prom?”
            Six years later, after sticking together longer than either of us had thought possible, he surprised me in another state with an engagement ring. A year after that, surrounded by family and friends, we were married in the church he had grown up in. Our wedding was perfect in every way, and the experience was commemorated beautifully by Cinema Stories.  I couldn’t have asked for a better groom and husband, and I am so glad we had Will and his team of videographers to memorialize the beginning of our lives as husband and wife.” Liz Offenbacker    

Both Marsha and John had the sweetest and sincerest vows I’ve heard in a long time. Their energetic and fun style made for an amazing fun-filled night that included a harp solo, a poem reading, a group song, birthday dances for 3 special ladies and much more. This was not your average reception. When they received their trailer, this is what Marsha had to say: “John and I are COMPLETELY ummmmmmmmmm wowed! This video is AMAZING!!!!!! Tears fill our eyes and joy envelops our hearts. You guys captured the essence of our day! #youkilledit!!!!!!! Thank you. Can’t wait to see the finished product”.